Monday, March 12, 2018

[Part One: Friday 04/18] The End of Part One

As Roger prepared his light lunch, he realized that he had left his Cozyna travel mug in the cubicle! 

He arrived at the office building earlier than normal with the hope that he wouldn’t see any of his (former) colleagues. Despite the carpeting and Converse, he walked softly as he clandestinely procured his mug and headed back to the elevator. But he did not exit through the emergency door. He knew that the alarm wouldn’t sound, but somehow the “If You Open This Door The Alarm Will Sound” sign was a deterrent. To his relief, an empty elevator welcomed him with open doors. He exited the building through the non-emergency exit with his procured Cozyna – all within five minutes.

Roger was surprised to notice that (most of) the students didn’t appear to realize that he had been absent for over a month. However, (most of) the students who were in his classes were shocked and awed that he had returned. He precariously received two very firm hugs from two sultry seniors. And a honey blonde junior in grey spandex pressed her petite palm against her pink lips and blew him a welcome back kiss but she did not ask him to suck her dick.

Classes rolled along as usual. The neuroscience students presented their research project proposals, the U.S. government students studied the fine line between bribing and lobbying, and the chemistry students carefully balanced chemical equations.

After his first day back to school, Roger had a serving of Gelato Giusto. The parlor was aesthetically pleasing with its Italian marble counters, cushioned benches, and earth toned throw pillows, but Roger’s chocolate gelato was a bit weak in flavor and too light in consistency. And the cup wasn’t emblazoned with the Gelato Giusto logo! Grom and L'Arte del Gelato firmly maintained their positions in his top two.

Upon arriving home, he pulled Dostoyevsky out of his mailbox. He read Stavrogin's Confession until the start of the Red Bulls soccer game, which he watched while eating thin crust pizza that he digested with a calming cigar.

The End of Part One

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