Friday, March 23, 2018

[Part One: Wednesday 03/25] Modern Dance

Roger took a sick day, because he pulled an all-nighter filling out online applications for adjunct professor positions. He decided that he would rather take a fifty percent pay cut and live like an underprivileged Henry Miller in Paris than go back to teaching high school students. 

After a nap, he went to The Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem. His visit pertained to his brief talking head appearance in a documentary that was accepted into the Tribeca film festival. 

On his return home, Roger witnessed two nymphets give an impromptu modern dance performance on the subway platform. 

The lead dancer was approximately twelve-years-old with a Brazilian skin tone. Her raven black hair was long, thick, and wavy sans a weave. She wore a pair of fitting polyester sweat pants with three stripes down the sides of her firm legs like a 1980s breakdancer. She directed her younger co-dancer with a heavy, yet high pitched, Dominican accent. 

The routine began with a flick of her hair and a seductive twist of her hips and ended as the train approached. The nymphet put her back to the crowd and alternated the flexing of her young buttocks like a stripper at the Sin City Cabaret before she squeezed into the Uptown.

It didn't appear that the nymphets were forced to perform by a dirty old man. 

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