Monday, March 19, 2018

[Part One: Tuesday 03/31] College Coeds & Hot Professors

Roger was extremely annoyed the entire morning due to an impending after lunch meeting with a parent and a representative from the student’s (private) school. The meeting had been arranged by The Psychologist, who was busily trying to clear her calendar before her departure. Not only was that meeting canceled, but miraculously, the four additional meetings were cancelled as well. Thus, Roger had more time for copying and pasting.

It wasn’t cheat day, but he walked to Dough and got a Chocolate-Cocoa Nib and a small black coffee sans cream but with one sugar. He sat next to four NYU coeds who were discussing, over their crumbs and iced coffees, how attractive their professors were and how one professor even rode his bike across campus. “So, European!”

That evening, Roger tutored a (private) high school student in Algebra II and helped a college co-ed fix a formatting issue with her Food Politics paper. Fix: 

Step 1: Download the paper from Google Docs in the Microsoft Word format. 
Step 2: Upload the Word document as an attachment.

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