Wednesday, March 21, 2018

[Part One: Friday 03/27] Teens Steal Organic Food?

Roger saw a member of the wrestling team on the Downtown 2. Roger pretended that he didn’t see the student-athlete, until it appeared that the student-athlete was pretending that he didn't see Roger. Due to the power of reverse psychology, Roger approached the sophomore. Shockingly, the student didn’t seem to realize that Roger hadn’t been in school for almost two weeks. They bantered about wrestling, how the student rescued a drowning friend, and why he didn't attend the three-day overnight college trip. “It’s a waste of time.” (i.e., His girlfriend didn’t go.)

As Roger settled into the comfort of his cubicle, his neighbor stood and shared with the office that she found it absolutely hilarious that her coworker didn't know where the Appalachians were located. After a Google search, Roger still didn’t see the humor in her proclamation. 

Roger got the impression that The Psychologist had informed the office at the Friday (regular) staff meeting that she was quitting accepting a different position. The clues were that her co-workers kept stopping by her cubicle to say “congratulations”, and she hadn't given Roger any work to do in hours. Thus, after a bit of copying and pasting, Roger edited a cover letter for an adjunct position at a Division 1 school in Brooklyn and read a French grammar. Félicitations!

After work, Roger shared a serving of Magnolia's pudding in the lower level of Grand Central Terminal and a mocha at the Pret A Manger across the street from Bryant Park. Roger sat next to a couple of fashionable European tourists while a crew of fashionable New York City teens looted the organic café. 

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