Saturday, March 17, 2018

[Part One: Thursday 04/02] The False Alarm

While Roger was getting dressed, he noticed two men, who appeared to be detectives, enter his walkup’s foyer. He assumed that they had been sent by the DOE. When they entered building 649 instead of Roger’s 651, he assumed that they had mistakenly entered the wrong building. Roger’s heart rate and breathing didn’t return to (near) normal until after he saw the two men exit the foyer. 

He entered the office still shaken by the false alarm. Consequently, he stopped working at 11:00 and took an over twenty block constitutional to Grand Central. Along the way, he stopped at a demonstration in front of the McDonald's on 6th near 34th. He avoided the news cameras while an Indian guy with a beard and a white guy with a beard drummed to the rhythm of the protest chants. After he took out his cahier to make an entry, he was asked by one of the protest organizers, "Are you press?" “No.” She didn’t appear to believe him.

Still perturbed by the false alarm, Roger was in no mood to do any tutoring; however, with the thought that the next day was Good Friday and, more importantly, the first day of spring break, he helped a coed with her three-page paper on Finding Nemo. It was a bizarre extra-credit assignment for her oceanography class. 

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