Sunday, March 18, 2018

[Part One: Wednesday 04/01] A Strand Book for Lunch

Roger had been short changing his lunch breaks for two weeks by ten minutes; so, he decided to cash in and take an extended lunch break. He went to Strand to buy Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, but he contemplated replacing his destroyed copy of Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years that was knocked out of his hand onto the uptown tracks by a teen’s swerving hockey bag; however, he walked back onto Broadway with Speak, Memory.

Before he returned to the office, Roger made a pit stop to do two observations. The Psychologist didn’t know that Roger wasn’t supposed to be around students or she didn’t care. Roger assumed the latter. One of the students was absent and the other one was on her lunch break. Roger waited in the library until the bell rang that signaled the end of the lunch period. He made a thorough observation, took copious notes, and returned to the office approximately two hours and thirty minutes after he had left.

He began reading Speak, Memory during the commute home and after dinner he helped a (private) high school student with his Algebra II homework and edit a lab report comparing the freezing points of freshwater and saltwater. He helped a (public) college junior with a “crucial” oceanography lab report. And instead of helping a (private) college freshman with her second semester Arabic language assignment, he emailed her the answers.