Saturday, March 24, 2018

[Part One: Tuesday 03/24] Ghetto Books on a Kindle

For some reason, Roger was extremely despondent and melancholy. It could have been a combination of being reassigned, the gossip, and the hours upon hours of copying and pasting. It was the latter.

Speaking of gossip. Roger’s neighbors were gossiping about a colleague.

"She has a rock? With that greasy hair! If she can get one, I better get one!"
"You'll get a bigger one!"

As Roger was signing out to get a cup of chai from Chandi, an halal restaurant on 29th and Broadway, he overheard a conversation between the security guard and a younger African American woman who appeared to be sincerely concerned about how the security guard spent her eight hours.

"You can read. You can download the Kindle app. They have free books."
"Ghetto books?"
"Do I type free books?"
"No, the Kindle app has free books."
"But I don't have a Kindle."

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